Vits+Kicks provide a bespoke mobile bar hire solution specialising in fresh vegetable & fruit juiced cocktails with a kick… Alcohol! No added sugars or sweeteners, just earth's natural ingredients and alcohol shaken up into micronutrient enriched healthy hedonistic cocktails!

If you’re more about the ‘vits' and less about the ‘kicks’, Vits+Kicks can also offer up their healthy juice & smoothie mocktail combinations free of any alcohol!



If in addition to your ‘healthy’ hedonistic cocktail concoctions you’re in need of a selection of more traditional back bar thirst quenchers, Vits+Kicks will tailor their service to meet the needs and requirements of any individual occasion. 

Champagne on arrival, cheeky gin & tonic at the bar or a selection of skilfully crafted classic contemporary cocktails, Vits+Kicks team of skilled mixologists & event professionals will help bring your event to life in style!


Vits+Kicks Favourites

Mean & Green - Vodka or Gin, spinach, cucumber, pineapple & apple juice

Vits O’ Clock - Rum or Tequila, pineapple & chili juice shaken with fresh passion fruit

Toffee Kick - Toffee vodka blended with almond milk, banana, raisins & freshly ground coffee


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38a Lordship Lane

East Dulwich, London

SE22 8HJ



Menu and Packages

All V+K healthy juice combinations are freshly prepped on the day of each event. When filling in the form below, specify how many guests you expect at your event and a rough estimation of how many cocktails will be required and they will respond with an accurate quote! 


Vits+Kicks Bar Hire:

Basic package example: 

  • 250 x Vits+Kicks Cocktails
  • Bespoke Vits+Kicks Bar Hire
  • 2 x Vits+Kicks bartenders 

Total: £1,250


Vits+Kicks Juice Bar Hire:

Basic package example: 

  • 250 x Vits+Kicks juice & smoothies (mocktails)
  • Bespoke Vits+Kicks Bar Hire
  • 2 x Vits+Kicks bartenders 

Total: £995